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Violet Evergarden (2018) Season 01

Sinhala Subtitles (Complete)

Violet Evergarden, is a girl who fought in the Great war. A girl who seeks the meaning of words her dearest person told. This story begins with a war. A war that’s been fighting for four years. She was a girl who was raised only for this war and got injured in the final battles. She was sent to her continent, the Telesis. After being damaged by the war she began to work in a CH postal service. That’s where she discovers an “Auto Memory Doll”. They translate human emotions into paper. With the ambition to find the meanings of the word her dearest comrade told her she joins and becomes an Auto memory doll.

This was the basic plot of the series. This series is consist of 13 episodes and 1 special. The animations were done by the Kyoto studio. This anime is a must-watch for weebs. Its has fame all around the world for being an emotional anime.

Subtitles contributed by Lankan Weebs


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