What if you have a bank account with unlimited money? What would you do with it?

Our main protagonist, Daisuke Kanbe . A guy with a handsome face and with a cold heart. Most favorite qualities of weeb girls who like husbands as we like waifus. And no, there aren’t many girls in this anime. Then what’s fun about this. This is a story of a new detective who has a bank account with unlimited money and has many futuristic cool gadgets. Also, he has an underground cave with a supercomputer. Yeah, sounds like a familiar hero who lives in a very dark universe.

So this guy with unlimited money wanted to have a job. And for some personal reasons, he became a detective. Because this guy is a newbie, some experienced guy had to take care of him. That unfortunate guy was Haru Katou. Daisuke can be thinks everything can be solved by money and Haru Katou thinks the opposite. Every time when Haru Katou gets troubled Daisuke solves it by throwing his money. The first episodes are for the introduction of the story and the characters. After two or three episodes, the real story will begin. The reason why Kanbe chooses to become a detective. Wanna know the rest? You will have to watch the series. Because if say anything further the story will be spoiled.

First, I have to say this anime is a very underrated one. It is famous for the Daisuke Kanbe. Because many girls are simply over him, why? He is handsome, cool, nice hairline and most importantly he is RICH. Lol just kidding, many girls are busy making the two main protagonists a lovely couple. Anyway other than the two hot guys, the story of this anime is amazing, I wouldn’t mind if another season or two came from this one. Also, the opening of this is lit. You will definitely add it to the ” cool anime opening song list “.
Have fun watching it everyone, and for those who have watched it already, comment your opinions about the anime. We are glad to hear them.

The millionaire detective balance unlimited season 01 complete

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  1. Puluwan nm Devil is a part timer anime series ekatath sub dennako s1 ekai epi 13 tyenne. Thanks sub ekata kohomhari