Highschool of the Dead Sinhala Subtitles Free Download
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Highschool of the Dead

Sinhala Subtitles (2010)

Highschool of the dead is an anime series with 12 episodes. It is based on high school students who are trying to survive through a zombie apocalypse that happens in Japan. The main character of the high school of the dead is a high school student called Takeshi who is now in a depressing situation because his childhood friend Rei, that promised him to get married after they become adults has betrayed him and is now with a boy called Hisashi.

When Takeshi was on a staircase cutting his classes, he saw a strange man coming to his school gate. A teacher tries to control him and gets bitten by the strange man. Thus begin the adventure, the strange man was a zombie and the bitten teacher later becomes a zombie and eats everyone near him. Takeshi saw the situation and tries to escape with his old crush Rei. But she is an arrogant brat that only listen to her boyfriend who later gets bitten by a zombie. Anyway, the story is very good, especially with the new waifu materials and the ecchi scenes. This series is a should-watch series for everyone.

Highschool of the Dead Sinhala Subtitles Free Download

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Highschool of the Dead Sinhala Subtitles Free Download
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