Blue Lock Season 01 Sinhala Subtitles
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Blue Lock

Season 01 Sinhala Subtitles (TV Series 2022)

Are you a fan of the sports genre but got bored because every one of them got the same story, where friendship is the key to victory? Do you want to see a different kind of sports genre anime
where you can see another side of the player who plays a different sport? Then “Blue Lock” is an anime that you should watch. It is a sports anime about football. But it’s kinda different
because in this anime most of the players you will see are strikers. Sometimes even the goalkeeper is a striker.

A Secret fact; The author of “Attack on Titan“, Hajime Isayama has also recommended this manga. Well when considering his mindset, we can probably guess this is a different kind of story.

First, we got our main character, Isagi Yoichi. Who is a second-year student at Ichinen High? He is also on the football team of Ichinen High. The first scene was a football match between Ichinen
high and another school. Even though Isagi was so close to scoring a goal because of one of his teammates, they miss that chance and give the opposite side a chance to score a goal.

This lead Ichinen was high to an utter loss. After a great mental break, Isagi finds out that he has been chosen for a special program conducted by the Japanese Football Union. It has brought a person called Ego
Jinpachi. Who makes a program called “Blue Lock”, which can produce the greatest striker in the world? But the problem is only one could become the world’s best, but there are 300 strikers who
came to be the GOAT. How will he make the world’s greatest striker? How long will Isagi go? Wanna know, then let’s start watching “BLUE LOCK’.

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